Ian Charles Henderson Cunningham




UK National


Ian Cunningham (MA Oxon, MIITT, MCSE, MCT) delivered his 1st PC training course whilst an undergraduate at Oxford University and is now in his 24th year as a trainer and a consultant. Since 1997 he has been a partner in Cunningham & Othen (C-and-O).

Previously he was a director and co-owner of Oxford Computer Group, a consulting and training company which grew to over 100 employees (mostly technical) with Ian as Technical Director and the driving force behind technology, standards and methodology. In 1997, Oxford Computer Group became part of Aris � a Seattle based consulting and training company.

Ian�s current specialist area is Microsoft Platforms. His previous areas of expertise have included Project Management (he was lead trainer and principal consultant for Open Plan � a high end project management suite covering, critical path analysis, costing, risk analysis etc. He was also recognised as a leading authority on Superbase (Windows based relational database). He worked in development of commercial customer applications in both these products (as we all as several other platforms).











MCSE Windows 2000 (2002)
MCSE  (Charter) Windows NT 4.0 (1997)
MCP (since 1993)
MCT (since 1993)

Formerly MSCD (Charter)

Over 30 Exam Passes including:
Windows 2000 Server & Professional; Windows NT 4.0 Server & Workstation; Active Directory Design; TCP/IP;  SMS; Proxy Server

Member of Institute of IT Trainers



●    Excellent Microsoft systems technology knowledge through 13 years experience.

●    Exceptional Active Directory and Infrastructure skills through 5 years of training advanced courses to Microsoft and partners such as HP Support and Consulting Services.

●    Advanced TCP/IP skills through training & network consulting.

●    Excellent written communication skills through course, book and proposal writing.

●    Excellent verbal communication skills through training delivery and presentations of all kinds.

●    A sought after speaker for many events

Winner of Microsoft GLS�s �Consistent Excellence Award � � best rated trainer

TAP: �A brilliant final session. Amazing! I wish all technical training was as good�. TAP Examiner � Institute of IT Training


         Training: Includes delivery of advanced technical training to Microsoft worldwide over a period of 13 years. Subjects taught (highlights):

o        Windows Vista Directory Services Advanced Networking

o        Windows 2000/3 Active Directory Troubleshooting

o        Advanced TCP/IP

o        Windows 2003 advanced security

o        Various Windows 2000 courses including Disaster Recovery

o        Implementing PKI

o        Windows NT 4.0 Disaster Recovery  (author)

o        MS Security Airlift Delivery 2003-2004

o        MOC: Windows 2003, 2000, NT4, NT3.5, NT 3.1 and TCP/IP

o        Lan Manager OS/2

Technologies (recent)  implemented:

o        Server: Windows 2000 Server installation and configuration

o        Networking: TCP/IP, DNS and DHCP design and implementation

o        SMS roll out to city broker

o        Directory Services: Active Directory design and implementation

o        Client Deployments: Windows XP deployment using custom RIS images

o        Firewall and network infrastructure planning


         Course and Service Offering Development:

o       Co-Author of �The Superbase Workbooks�. Windows based relational database

o        Author of Windows Disaster Recovery Course (Microsoft & Aris)

o    Author of more than 50 training courses and contributor to many 100s

o   Co-Author "A Computer Simulation of Tetrahedral Molecules". Mol Phys 1985



1997 to present


2003 to present


1999 to present


1985 to 1997

1984 to 1985

Cunningham and Othen of Oxford
Position: Partner

Position: Managing Director

Cunningham and Othen of Oxford Ltd
Position: Director

Position: Group Technical Director, Oxford Computer Group Ltd
Position: Technical Director & Trainer, Oxford Computer Training Ltd
Position: Director & Consultant, Oxford Computer Applications Ltd

Daily Information, Oxford
Position: �Sociable Boffin�. Computer management, sales, rental







The University of Oxford - MA Chemistry
Part II (post grad) 1984: Physical Chemistry Laboratory � Computer Simulation Tetrahedral Molecules � Published Mol Phys
Shaftesbury Grammar School

4�A� levels (P Maths, A Maths, Physics, Chemistry)
13 �O� levels (including English, Latin & French)